Your experience is about capturing the happiness of your pet and turning it into vibrant artwork. My love and passion for pets comes pouring out into my work. My photography is fun, playful and vibrant. I am very patient, and take into consideration your pet’s needs and personality for your session. My goal is to get those perfect memories of your pet!

Each session includes my creative talent, expertise, and endless passion for your pet.

And this is not only during the shoot, but before and after in the form of processing, retouching and creative prepping and finishing of each photo, canvas, album, and more.


We will start with a consultation. At the consultation, I spend time with you and your dog so we can learn more about your dog's personality. We also discuss what your looking for out of the session and plan out what we are going to do.

I find that your dog will settle in more easily the day of the session if we spent some time together at the consultation.

Photo Session

Photo sessions are typically on location, but can be in studio. 

Location sessions can be in your home, your backyard, a park or other location. 

Location session pricing is based on the length of time, plus any travel time and extra equipment needs.

They can be any length, although an hour and a half is a typical length. This time includes any time needed for your pup to settle in. Make sure to dress comfortable and be prepared to move around a lot.

Up to four dogs or their Humans are included in the session fee. There is a $20 fee for each additional family member.

Viewing/Ordering Appointment

Viewing sessions are scheduled about a week or so after your session.

We start with a slide show of the best images from your session. Sit back and enjoy the show! I will also show you suggestions for wall portraits, as well as designs for wall collections.

This is the time when you place your order. After your products are order depending on the products I will hand deliver your products when they are received.