Model Call

Hey there! Are you ready to take advantage of this Unique Opportunity?

Christy Savarino Pet Photography is hosting a model call, which means you have the chance to be selected for a complimentary On Location Session (Value of $150), in addition you will receive an 8x10 printed portrait (value of $70) with the image of your choosing. You will have the opportunity to order additional portraits and artwork from both our a la carte price list or order one of our collections. (but you’re under no obligation to purchase anything.)
The session is expected to take place during the month of December, subject to the model & photographer’s availability.
  • You must fill out the form below * All fields are required *

  • You must be willing to invest the time for the pre-session consultation (to explain the details, plan the location, and answer any questions) and the reveal session (where we go over all the previews, pick your image and if you'd like, order other printed portraits)

  • You must be willing to fill out a detailed pre-session questionnaire and model release.

  • You need to be available on some weekdays (Sessions will predominantly be scheduled in the two hours before sunset, Monday to Friday)

  • You must be willing to have your dog groomed and clean for the session.

  • Must be able & willing to handle and direct your pet during the photo session.

  • You must live in the San Antonio or within 35 miles of San Antonio

  • You must be good at 'sit', 'stay' and have a toy or sound that'll make ya stick your ears in the ear

  • You must not be wearing a harness or negative training aid but a collar and a lead are compulsory

  • Your owner must co-operate with my instructions and have full control of you at all times during the shoot

  • Your owner must bring a few treats along because you will be a GOOD BOY/GIRL.

If you’re interested in a session, Please fill out my form and email me.

Model calls are rare and do not happen often. If you have any questions please message me at give me a call at (210) 383-8530.
Please Copy and paste into email to fill out. Send to
What city/town do you live in:
Phone Number:
Breed of Dog:
Please tell me about your dog:
Describe his/her personality:
Does your dog have a strong Sit, Stay, Down:

Acknowledgements & Permissions

By submitting my information, I indicate that I have read & understood the eligibility requirements. I understand that this is a voluntary model call, and there will be no further compensation at any time for the images created from this session. If my pet is selected to model for a complimentary session, I am prepared to sign a model/property release. I understand that I am receiving a waived session fee plus (1) 8x10 print, and Extra products will be subject to an additional charge I consent to my information being stored in the Christy Savarino Pet Photography database.

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